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PASS Program

PASS is a program that allows you to grow as a student, person, and professional. It stands for Program for Academic Study Success. It is offered to all first, second, and third-year Bachelor students of TiSEM. 

The goal of PASS in the first year is to onboard students and focusses on social cohesion and study success. Students can attend the following activities:

  • Class meetings
  • Social events with a mentor group
  • Study smart workshops
  • Development Day organized by MAK

The goal of PASS in the second and third years is to prepare students for their careers and focus on professional & personal development. Students can choose from a variety of activities offered by Student Career Services and Asset | International Business & Management, like:

  • Interactive sessions and masterclasses
  • Career events
  • Hard & soft skills training
  • 1 on 1 career guidance
  • And many more

The PASS Career Development activities are intended to help you with a smooth transition to the labor market. You are free to choose the activities that appeal to you the most and that best suit the stage of labor market preparation you are in.

You can obtain a certificate ‘PASS Career Development’, signed by the Academic Director of the program, as an incentive for participating in the activities of the PASS Career Development Program. To be eligible for the certificate you must obtain 15 points before graduating (you can obtain points for the certificate in years 2 and 3).

For more information and an overview of all the PASS Career Development activities (including points you can obtain for the certificate) check the Career Development page of the program:

PASS: Career Development for IBA (