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Certificate of Extracurricular Excellence

Do you want to add value to your CV?

In the upcoming academic year, Asset | International Business & Management collaborates with the International Management program and offers you the opportunity to obtain a so-called “Certificate of Extracurricular Excellence”. This certificate is an excellent way to acquire accreditation for the extracurricular efforts you will take part in throughout the year and can be used to show companies that you have been an active student during your master's program. For more information, please contact

Signing up is possible until October 13, 2023. Be aware that the process of obtaining the Certificate of Extracurricular Excellence takes a year to complete. So if you are only studying here for one year, you have to apply for the certificate now. Moreover, there are no costs or obligations attached to subscribing, so if you are doubting if you want to try and obtain the certificate, we would highly recommend subscribing now! 

You can find an overview of the upcoming events, points, and more information here!