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IBA Week Committee

IBA Week Committee

In March every year, the IBA Week will take place. This is a relatively new concept, in which IBA students will have the opportunity to learn more about their minor and career possibilities. During this week, several firms will introduce themselves to students who are interested in their field of expertise.

The tasks of the IBA Week committee consist of inviting companies to the event and maintaining contact with these companies.  The committee will create and execute a promotional campaign to get as many students to participate in the event as possible. Furthermore, the committee arranges the location and catering on campus and creates a detailed program and personal schedules for the days to ensure that it will be a success. The week will be divided into the following days: Accounting Day, Finance Day, Management Day, and Marketing Expedition.

Skills & Learnings

Acquisition, Organization, Planning, Professionalism, Promotion, Teamwork.