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After graduation you would like to keep in contact with your study buddies of IB&M. Did you know that this is possible? Become an alumni member of Asset | International Business & Management! Join our alumni association Finals with a yearly donation of €10 and you will get:

Finals Activities & Finals Newsletter

As a Finals member you will be able to enjoy two Finals activities a year and you are welcome to join our New Years drink. In addition, you will also receive  the Finals Newsletter containing fun facts about the Finals activities, the Finals finest (an interview with an alumnus) and upcoming activities and events.


Finals also provides you a possibility to network; alumni of Asset | International Business & Management work at leading companies like Accenture, AkzoNobel, Boston Consultancy Group, General Electric, KLM, Philips, Unilever and many more. Besides meeting people at the Finals activities you can also join our network on LinkedIn.

Contributing to Asset | International Business & Management & Students

Hopefully you have had a wonderful student time at Tilburg University with Asset | International Business & Management. Now you can help us! We are always looking for alumni who can help us with bringing students in contact with companies. To combine theory with practice we organize events like the IBA Week, the Consultancy Days and the Recruitment Dinner. Let us know if the company you work for can make a contribution to such events!


Join Finals through the subscription form.

Finals Committee

The Finals are being served through the Finals committee; a committee of dedicated alumni who help organizing those wonderful Finals activities. Should you have any questions regarding the Finals or if you would like to join the committee, please send us an email.