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The first guidelines are up for sale! The rest of the guidelines will be uploaded in the next few weeks.

To all of you who have bought or will buy the philosophy of science guidelines, please keep these and bring them when you want to come to the rooms in december for the part of the exam. This part is included in the price of the one you bought for the midterm.

Operations Management and Philosophy of Science part 2 will be online soon!

By filling in this form you can order your guidelines to help with passing your courses. Remember that you should see the guidelines as an extra help and it does not replace any other material that has to be studied. For Asset members guidelines cost 3€, for non-members they cost 5€. Guidelines can generally be picked up after two working days if it's ordered before 16.00h.



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Year 1 IBA Semester 1

   Foundations of International Strategy 
   Organizational Behavior 
   Mathematics 1 for IBA for IBA
   Economics 1 for IBA
   Accounting 1 for IBA


Year 2 IBA Semester 1

   Philosophy of Science part 1
   Finance 2 for IBA for IBA
   Cultural & Cross Cultural Management for IBA


International Management Semester 1

   Research Skills 


If you have a guideline of one of the missing courses, please send a mail to and you may earn €50.