Department of Accountancy

Are you interested in business, finance, and management? Do you want to become an auditor (in Dutch: registeraccountant), controller, or financial specialist? Did you like the course Accounting 1 in your first year at Tilburg University? Then the Master's program in Accountancy is the right program for you!

For more information about the Master Accountancy Program, click here.

After you have finished your bachelor International Business Administration you can get direct admission to the master Accountancy (Professional Track) at Tilburg University. After you have obtained your master degree in Accountancy you can also do a Post-Master Accountancy program (PMA), in order to become a registeraccountant (RA), in the United States also known as Certified Public Accountant (CPA). There is also an English language program for becoming an RA, called the European Post-Master Accountancy program (EPMA).


In order to start with the (E)PMA, you need to have obtained a certain amount of ECTs in several disciplines. See the information presented via the link above.

Due to the fact that the International Business Administration program has an exchange semester built in their program, many IBA students do not have enough ECTs in order to start the (E)PMA without deficiencies. It is to be advised to start the (E)PMA with as few deficiencies as possible, because of the very demanding combination of a job in accountancy with the (E)PMA. Hence, if you already know that you would like to study Accountancy and become a registeraccountant in your first, second or third year, it is wise to look at the possibilities to follow a few extra courses during your bachelor. Besides that, it is also quite helpful to have obtained them before starting the master, since the courses contain knowledge necessary for the master courses.

For any other questions or advice about continuing from the bachelor International Business Administration to the (European) Post-Master Accountancy, you can contact:
Mr. Rob Eken, Manager of the Post-Master Accountancy program or Ms. Joëlla Albers, Manager of the European Post-Master Accountancy program, at Tilburg University.