Choose your career at ABN AMRO

You’ve already proved that you can study – but now it’s time to make a start on your career. Your degree is (almost) completed and you’re brimming with ambition – with these things under your belt, there are three different ways you can get started at ABN AMRO. Develop yourself through a traineeship, start at the corporate bank, or specialise in a particular discipline. The choice is yours: what is your future at the bank?

Develop yourself through a traineeship 
Get straight to work with your economics degree? That’s of course something a bank likes to see, but there are also many different paths you can take within ABN AMRO with other academic backgrounds. During your traineeship, you’ll carry out two five-month projects and one two-month project – all of which you have the power to choose yourself . During your traineeship, you’ll carry out three projects – between two and five months in length – that you get to choose yourself. You’ll also take both personal and professional training courses - including on communication, influencing skills and giving feedback - and get to know our customers. By the end of the year, you’ll have found a role that suits both your talents and your ambitions.

Within the traineeship, you can choose from six fields:

  •  Relationship Management
  •  Risk & Analytics
  •  Project & Process Management
  •  Marketing & Communication
  •  Finance
  •  Policy & Regulations
  •  Real Estate

Start at the corporate bank
Have you already discovered that the financial world is your calling? Then the Corporate Banking Graduate Programme may just be the perfect match for you. This special programme prepares you for a role within ABN AMRO’s corporate bank. You’ll start with a five-week crash course, before moving straight into your specialisation. You’ll best learn the ropes right where the action is: on the work floor. The duration and structure of the programme depends on the direction you choose. Within the Corporate Banking Graduate Programme, you can choose from five fields:

  •  Corporate Finance
  •  Debt Solutions
  •  Energy, Commodities & Transportation
  •  Capital Markets Solutions

Specialise in a discipline
Finished your qualifications and want to put your knowledge straight into practice? Take a look at our current starter roles – they’re all about learning by doing. You’ll develop to become a top-performing specialist within ABN AMRO. From day one, you could be sitting at the table with customers who need your advice; perhaps you’ll be assisting in the mass migration to the cloud; or maybe we’ll ask you to purchase the same quality at a lower price. Everything is possible. Together, we’ll find the career that suits you.

Are you ready?
Want to know more about ABN AMRO’s traineeship, the Corporate Banking Graduate Programme or our starter roles? On https://www.abnamro.com/nl/carriere/graduates-studenten/index.html you’ll find more information, an overview of the events at which you can come and meet us, current vacancies and first-hand stories of other starters’ experiences.


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