Board Application: Vice-Chairman

As the vice-chairman you have different responsibilities, which can in general be summarized as the internal affairs. Responsibilities are among others:

The active member policy

This means you are responsible for recruiting new active members and making sure that current active members are happy. To achieve this, you will organize the promotion of the department. This attracts new active members, with whom you’ll have a talk about their preferences and their situation. Together you will check which committee fits them. With approval of the board you will assign him/her to a committee. You will consequently keep track of all data of active members via different lists. At the end of the year you will have evaluation talks with all members to see how they feel about their active membership. Next to this contact moment, you are always the first contact person of the board for all active members to go to if they have any issue. Once a year, you will chair an active members meeting so they can discuss their ideas together.

Departmental promotion

To attract participants and new active members you of course need proper promotion, which is is a task for the vice. This includes designing and sending the monthly mail for both active and passive members, organizing meet & greets and maintaining Facebook. Also you’ll maintain committee’s part and photo albums on the website. You’ll also do the promotion to attract new boardies and you’ll do their interviews, for which you also make the questions.

Asset promotion

Together with the other vice-chairmen of the different Asset departments you will be responsible for promotion Asset as a whole. This faculty organ, in which you will be seated, is called ‘Asset Academy.’ Tasks include recruiting active members for faculty wide committees and promoting Asset on open days and student for a day. The AA also organizes all activities, promotion and registration for Asset in the TOP-Week. Furthermore they set up the promotion for the Asset Inhouse Days and organize all boards activities. As the vice of IB&M you also send out narrowcasting (tv-screens) promotion to university for Asset.


As the vice-chairman you are responsible for planning all of our events. This includes planning all events for the upcoming academic year, reserving rooms for events and being in the faculty wide organ ‘Year Planning’ for the year planning of Asset (faculty wide).


Of course there are also daily tasks that every board member needs to do. These are a lot of small things, but among others you have to update the board agenda and read the minutes for the board meeting and sell guidelines. Together with the other boardies you will do maintain and clean the rooms regularly. And, last but not least, you’ll join the activities and, most important, make sure all members have a good time! Not to forget yourself, of course! Here you can find an example of a week as the vice-chairman of IB&M:

Monday Morning IB&M board meeting
  Afternoon Committee meetings, updating committee part website
  Evening Dinner with a committee
Tuesday Morning Checking emails, contact with possible new active members
  Afternoon Writing a Facebook update, committee meeting, small stuff
  Evening International Career Event
Wednesday Morning Committee meeting, Asset Academy tasks
  Afternoon Asset Academy (vice-chairmen meeting)
  Evening Free evening
Thursday Morning Committee meetings
  Afternoon Making the Monthly Mail for active & passive members
  Evening IBA First Year Beercantus by IB&M, making pictures
Friday Morning Sorting & posting photos of the cantus
  Afternoon Update ranking the committees, Committee meeting
  Evening Free; weekend!

Are you interested but want to know more? Contact us at for more information. For more information on how to apply and the formal vacancy for the board application click here.